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TCR Board Members

Learn more about the board members for Twin Cities Retrouvaille

Community Coordinators

Mike & Ann Cerney,, are the current Community Coordinator Couple. They provide the leadership for Twin Cities Retrouvaille to develop and carry out the vision and mission of Retrouvaille. The Coordinating Couple acts as liaison in regional and Retrouvaille International activities.

Registration Coordinators

Paul & Tina Shasky,, are the current Registration Coordinator couple. They are responsible for obtaining and managing the data necessary for the registration of couples attending weekends.

Weekend Coordinators

Tim & Teresa Sazma,, are the current Weekend Coordinator couple. They schedule the weekends, arrange for facility space, schedule presenters and coordinate all other activities involved with delivering the Retrouvaille Weekend program.

Volunteer Coordinators

Jim & Vicki Smith are the current Volunteer Coordinator couple. They are responsible for contacting, welcoming and maintaining a list of volunteers willing to help with all facets of Twin Cities Retrouvaille. Please contact

POST Coordinators

Dean & Pat Ziegenbein,, are the current Post Coordinator couple, They set the calendar for Post sessions, arrange for meeting space and schedules presenters

Finance Coordinators

Eric & Char Anderson,, are the current Finance Coordinator couple. They are responsible for all financial transactions of Twin Cities Retrouvaille.

C.O.R.E. Coordinators

Andy & Deirdre Jameson,, are the current C.O.R.E. Coordinator couple. They develop a connection with each TCR C.O.R.E. group and promote the expansion of C.O.R.E. groups.

Secretary Couple

Roger & Susie Verduzco,, are the current Secretary Couple. They are responsible for recording the minutes of TCR board meetings and distributing them to the TCR board members.

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