get involved

Twin Cities Retrouvaille needs the involvement of its members to fulfill its mission. Without Weekend and Post presenters, there would be no Retrouvaille. However, these are not the only opportunities to get involved. Joining and attending a C.O.R.E. groups is one of the easiest ways. Below are many other opportunities, some of which only require 20 to 30 minutes a month.

post presenting couple
Get involved by becoming a Post presenter and help couples on their journey of healing. Presenters are provided with outlines and training.

weekend presenting couple
Share your story with hurting couples during the initial weekend. Presenters are provided with outlines and training.

angel couple
Being an Angel Couple is a great way to experience the weekend from the other side. The Angel Couple shadows presenting couples during a Weekend and assists with handouts and learning aides, calling couples, etc.

prayer card couple
Prayer card couples write a prayer card for a couple attending the weekend and pray for that couple during the weekend.

parish liaison
Introduce faith communities to Retrouvaille by sharing what Retrouvaille has done for you with an 8-10 minute presentation at Masses or services. Training, materials, and assistance are provided.

Formation is a deep weekend experience designed to help “tell your story”, practice and improve your dialogue techniques, and affirm and build confidence as a couple. One-on-one guidance and mentoring is provided.

weekend setup and takedown
Couples help with weekend setup on Friday evening and/or takedown after the weekend on Sunday evening.

friday night greeter
Greeters welcome couples to Retrouvaille at the hotel and show them to their rooms. It lasts for about two hours on Friday evening.

voicemail monitoring
Couples check the TCR voicemail one or two days per month and return calls to those inquiring about Retrouvaille. Time required is only 20 minutes per month and training is provided.

special project work
Special projects may involve planning events such as the summer picnic, Christmas party, community events, etc.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for anything.

donate today

If now is not the best time to volunteer your talents, please consider donating financially to help Twin Cities Retrouvaille in its mission to give couples struggling in their marriages today hope for their marriages tomorrow.

Twin Cities Retrouvaille is a 501c3 so please consider Retrouvaille
in your regular tax-deductible charitable giving.

Donate online with PayPal.

Staying involved with the Retrouvaille community keeps us connected with other couples that are committed to their marriage. We want to share the amazing gift that we have been given. By sharing our story as Post Session presenters, we watch God use the “crap” that was in our relationship to help bring healing to other couples. This is a source of healing for us and our past mistakes.

– Shawn and Kim